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Louis Vuitton is to be marked with a "luxury" brand mark. Old flower pattern neverfull become a lot of people's first big bags, fashion did not even keen sense of smell old aunt who also know "LV is a good thing!" But for Louis Vuitton, this is not a thing to be happy for too long, on the one hand the old name of the first luxury survived,cheap louis vuitton bags on the other hand, after all, there is a "old" word, it is easy to be abandoned by the younger generation - - and now they are the major fashion brands vying for the core consumer group.
Fortunately, the tree attracts the wind, big brands will always recruit people hurt, these Louis Vuitton is firmly seated in the first echelon position. Take the character for his novels than, LV like Chi Master, relying on a roll Jiuyangzhenjing Wudang hit - as until now enduring neverfull bag; had finished the birth centenary also founded Taijiquan - on Like recently to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the birth of the brand, LV super designer launched a joint package section. Not only live longer, but also innovation, louis vuitton uk can not shake the dominance of wonder!
Louis Vuitton bags can say enduring and timeless secrets to mention Marc Jacobs, who was nicknamed "Ma Ying-jeou," the talented designers, with their own ideas to the LV constantly inject fresh blood, and select the most intelligent and the tallest on the way: and art combined.
We are most familiar with a cross-border cooperation, also called the move fashion and art pioneer, is Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami launched by three black and white color series. Takashi Murakami's sunflowers and cherry pattern was young and very lively favor, just the feeling of the old flowers and a rigid pattern has always been. Then cooperation with Stephen Sprouse graffiti series is amazing, the brightest star of the influx of people greatly loved, Ma Ying-jeou has personally stood nude photo shoot for this bag.
2012, Louis Vuitton has announced a famous Japanese contemporary artists, known as the "Polka Dot Queen" Yayoi Kusama have launched products, the main point is colored wave bags. Louis Vuitton store at the same time around the world showcase, also with a new design theme.
If the art is a wonderful chess move hand in hand, and that the star is a drastic effect. Louis Vuitton's see what the stars have ads figure: cheap louis vuitton bags outlet Angelina Jolie, David Bowie, Michael Phelps, Xiao Enkang Connelly, Scarlett Johansson, Gisele Bundchen, across all fields and ages, whether you are a small minority still chasing pop, nostalgic or to new faces, there is always one you like the star carrying a LV bag appear in the ad.
In the Chinese market, Fan Ye, which became the best voice of Louis Vuitton. It is also because of various photos Fan Ye, so that the series of Louis Vuitton Alma bag solidly fire for a while, seems thin LV have lamented a good vision: this is Fan Bingbing physique and complexion,cheap louis vuitton bags online to holding Alma so many big and not illegal.
Sharp-eyed people will be able to find the most recent Louis Vuitton are silently "to the logo" of the change, soft leather, and more streamlined LV logo, as a new generation of Louis Vuitton bags. Louis Vuitton does not mean giving up your own classic, old floral pattern monogram. Not long ago, Louis Vuitton and six top designers cooperation, including the father of Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin's red-soled shoes and Rei Kawakubo, etc., launched their own special bag, the old floral pattern gives a new life. Among other things, used to hold the World Cup trophy case is Louis Vuitton exclusive production, the pattern is the monogram!
Louis Vuitton has just ended in Paris spring and summer fashion show, the models also highlights one of the bags. cheap authentic louis vuitton handbags We were happy to discover, Louis Vuttion between the classic and the trend has been to find the best balance between the old flowers, color and mixed colors small LV handbag is simply all ages will love the bag. Now mentioned Louis Vuitton, except admirable good quality, more expectations: you never know what the next step will be creative again, and then offer what kind of surprise.