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After Google decided to stop Google glasses cheap ray ban sunglasses development plans, and no longer sell the device to consumers, a variety of negative evaluation came flooding back, but in a strong supporter of augmented reality view, these criticisms are in fact "too exaggerated "the.
  Nonprofit Ori Inbar believes, claiming Google glasses is dead, or that the project had failed to say is totally unjustified. He pointed out, GOOG smart glasses hardware sales far exceed any cheap ray ban store similar products, but they have really let the public spectacle attracted enough attention, and can be expanded into a new field of competition.
  "Google let the public awareness of the glasses has reached unprecedented levels."
  Inbal estimated earlier this month before temporarily stop selling, sales of Google glasses has reached six figures. Google does not disclose its own such hardware specific sales, but according to Statista estimated 2014 sales figures that the 831,000 or so.
  Google will temporarily stop competitors obviously ray ban cheap a unique opportunity. For example, earlier this month in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Epson in pushing their smart eyewear.
  Since the workshop, such as the workplace has been welcomed, smart glasses have created a market for other technology giants have plans to launch its own augmented reality glasses and similar products.
  In the Consumer Electronics Show, SNE officially released SmartEyeglass Attach, a can attached to ordinary glasses wearable product .MSFT last week released HoloLens, wearing this product can be delivered to the digital world in which the real world.
  All of these are telling us that a market is cheap ray bans online gradually accelerated growth are emerging in front. A report released on Wednesday which, make predictions, 2020, the smart glasses shipments will reach 10 million within a decade will be shipped over the phone.
  Meanwhile, Google will continue to sell their products to corporate customers, their partners will continue to Forbes thousand companies to develop a variety of app. Last December, INTC replace TXN, became the Google glasses core chip provider, they will also help Google to broaden the corporate market.
  Inbal said, according to "reliable news source," the next generation of Google glasses will be released this year, which once again confirms the earlier "Wall Street Journal" reported cheap ray ban wayfarer on Google glasses next product release schedule, the report also said that Intel [microblogging] chip is expected to make a new generation of products have a longer battery life.
  The fact is that Google has let the glasses from their Google X experiment sector "graduate" studies to a more stable business sector, by Nest CEO, former Apple member Fadell (Tony Fadell) responsible, Inbal pointed out, this is actually that they not only did not give up, but more emphasis on this product. Two years before the development plan, has let Google get a lot of data of wealth, and now they can enjoy using.
  However, Inbal also admitted, in fact, Google can handle cheap ray ban glasses the whole thing a little better, especially when they announced the news to stop selling the glasses, but once issued by Google+, and indeed too "mystery."