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Where to buy ray ban clubmaster online

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  As part of the ray ban clubmaster company's global environmental programs designed to mitigate damage to the environment caused by the brand in 2010, Gucci first used for obtaining Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified 100% recycled paper for packaging materials design. Today, this material will be used to the new eyewear collection of packaging them. This new box with a unique folding design, not only reduce the storage volume, but also reduces the weight and reduce ray ban clubmaster eyeglasses the logistics, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent.
  The modern sophisticated glasses box labeled Mobius (Meng Basi) flag is an internationally recognized symbol recyclable materials. After purchasing the product, consumers will receive an information booklet and addressed envelope marked to facilitate their glasses case will return the special recycling centers, recycling and production ray ban clubmaster sunglasses of new products. In addition, the Forest Stewardship Council certified paper shopping bags, Gucci also used existing environmental packaging style. The new packaging will be used from the beginning of May, Gucci stores, including men, women, children's sunglasses series, and from August to become the global sales ray ban polarized clubmaster network of optical lenses and sunglasses new packaging.
  Furthermore, Gucci announced the launch of a material made from a liquid timber made of sun glasses. This is a biodegradable environmentally friendly materials that can substitute for the production of plastic glasses. Liquid wood from biological material composition: from lignin and natural wax forest wood fiber and paper production process ray ban clubmaster polarized of sustainable development.
  The initial prototype glasses with black frames with semi-matte gray gradient lenses, inspired by the bamboo frame, which is the latest Gucci eyewear collection in essential goods. Revolutionary material is reflected by Gucci for the best environmental responsibility. Metal hinge metal ring sunglasses, fashion and bamboo on the field and has a leadership position in sports eyewear. Has a number of agents across the globe, and has 30 subsidiaries (USA, Europe and the Far East) in the first-line ray ban clubmaster cheap market.