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The first 27 minutes, Junuzovińá corner cheap soccer jersey, Serques foot shot after the ball becomes body rubs Hector flew into the goal line, 0-1. The first 88 minutes,

Garcia was brought down inside the penalty area, college football jerseys Cologne awarded a penalty, Matthias - Lehmann hit penalty, 1-1.

Paderborn 0-0 Hoffenheim

Hertha Berlin 0-1 Hamburg

The first 81 minutes, Kleiber on Luce Lichtenberg received a second yellow card for a foul sent off. The first 84 minutes, Hart Pratt kick, Lang Kanpu shakes Leipzig customized football jerseys.

Ball into the top, 0-1.

Hannover 962-3 Dortmund

The first 19 minutes, Royce Road Bulashiqi Khodorkovsky received a pass, the ball into the penalty area before the ball to the right plug Aubameyang, wholesale authentic soccer jerseys Aubameyang reached ban.

District Tui right foot into the far corner to score, 0-1. The first 32 minutes, Bulashiqi Khodorkovsky midfielder was off the ball, Bitengkete fast under the bottom left inverted triangle pass

Tyndall Road, got the ball, right foot Tui far corner to break easily, 1-1. The first 49 minutes, uprooting Bulashenqi Bitengkete Khodorkovsky booked. The first 55 minutes best football jerseys.

Than when the old midfielder tipped behind Kyle, eat a second yellow card, sent off. The first 57 minutes, the restricted area before cleverly Zhisai Bulashiqi Khodorkovsky.

Adams did the right high-speed plug offside, kept the ball directly into the restricted area cross the ball knock Road, Kagawa easily push right Kongmen score 1-2. The first 61 minutes

Shinji Nakagawa left foot from outside the area outside the instep and a half lob pass, point to follow up the stoop after Aubameyang headed home, 1-3. 82 minutes ago, customized football jerseys Shitingdeer far restricted.

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