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Michael Kors Bags For Sale USA

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So, these people there may become a "canary in the mine" - that is,michael kors usa those events with warning or action figure. 2012, when these large shareholders will hand 52% of the company shares, diluted to more than 15%, a good brand that you must be very curious, why do not hold.

More importantly, if they know, before two years, we are not aware of the things? Whether they can predict the ultimate fate of Michael Kors? michael kors new york Do they think of Tommy Hilfiger's fate?

What we do know is that these investors can not fuel-efficient lights, especially in the field of fashion, they are all veteran. They are very aware of how to make use of the brand into michael kors bags sale a "popular spicy chicken," they know how rushed to hype up a brand. The fact that people can quickly understand "Kors mode" this popular phenomenon.

The same situation is happening to Coach on the back "Fashion Note" has been mentioned, Coach is at the bottom of development. Once, Coach once a year for 10 consecutive stock outperformed the S & P index, after the IPO in October 2000 to March 2012 to reach 3,000% of the total income between the highest price. However, in March 2012 to February 2014 period decreased by 36% during michael kors for men this period it is experiencing rapid growth in the nation's largest rival Michael Kors, the market value has surpassed Coach, since the market is 270% return .

But now, Coach70% of revenue comes from outlet, everyone knows that the brand is being devalued. Coach's same-store sales growth is slowing, the shop is also the loss of the flow of people, in this case, if not optimized or shop launched a unique creativity and design new products, sales decline is inevitable. michael kors black bag Otherwise, Coach of the total revenue growth will continue to rely on its international development, especially in China.