Newly remodeled this summer, this spacious room will accommodate 50 people seated or 75 reception style.

We use the room for our AWESOME birthday parties on the weekends, but it is available to rent as the schedule permits. Amenities include restrooms, separate entrance from bowling center, tables, chairs, podium and free WiFi access. We are happy to help secure screens for you’re A/V needs as well.

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We Recommend the following

    • Plan on at least 2 hours total time frame for your event and bowling 2 games per person. (most non-bowlers will get tired at 3 games)
    • You can field up to 6 people per lane but that is tight for adults and makes the bowling go slower (not as much fun either) We strongly suggest 4-5 member teams
    • Bowling tournaments are much like golf tournaments, participants pay for team play, you can have lane sponsors and event sponsors. We will hang signage for you if you want to do signs
    • Make it family friendly-we have bumper lanes if they want to enter as a family team too (we even have some “dinosaur ramps” for little ones
    • We can keep track of scoring- we just need to know ahead of time what your prizes will be for (places)
    • Make it fun! Have a contest for best team outfit/bowling shirt, give 1-3rd place and LAST place prizes and some door prizes (but not too many) in between. Have a “strike dance” competition, we can also set up a 7/10 split (think hole in one) for a larger prize
    • On the entry form we need complete information on each team member’s name and then we can enter it and get everything in our computers so that each team is up on the monitors and ready to go
    • Make your entry deadline at least a week prior to your event date. This gives you time to fill empties, confirm with us on lane usage and get reminders out
    • We also have a new meeting / events room and we would be happy to host your group. It also makes for a great prize party / food room based on availability
    • Pricing will depend on how many lanes you will need to use- we can do a few lanes up to a full facility rental…again, 4-5 per lane (we have 24 lanes) and once you get to around 16-18 lanes you might as well rent the full facility and then we can close it down for your group
    • Large group facility rentals require a contract and a deposit